Section 1, Question 4

we got people in streetHow accessible are different parts of a town for people who need/want to work? Read the following article, and try to find another one on poverty concerns and walking/access to sidewalks. 

Low income areas have twice the pedestrian fatality rates as affluent neighborhoods and that is mainly due to a lack of pedestrian-friendly infrastructure. Many towns, especially those in the suburbs, are built with the idea that the main mode of transportation will be cars. This car-centric thinking creates an environment where the main roads are not built for walking. As the number of poor people living in suburban areas has increased, people who are less likely to be able to afford cars are living in areas where there is less infrastructure in place for safe walking. This means that living in a suburban town as a walker allows for much less accessibility to different parts of town, making it harder to get around geographically and more dangerous as there are not precautions set in place to keep pedestrians safe. Cities need to make it their priority to take all of their residents into account to create an environment where everyone has access to the means to get around safely. For walkers, this might mean that it still may be harder to get around to places that are further away, but at least they will feel safer knowing that there is an infrastructure in place that puts their safety first.


Here is another article that addresses poverty concerns and pedestrian walkability.


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